Imminent end and progressive cancellation of restrictions on recreational navigation


Náutica Casas wants to share this important news in which it is indicated how the de-escalation will affect the restrictions on recreational navigation in its different phases.

 We understand that you will be able to start enjoying recreational navigation from the entry into force of phase I and little by little the benefits will be expanded in each and every one of the successive phases.

We attach the explanatory note published by the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy in which the entire process is explained, as well as the visual timeline.

1. In phase 0, it will not be possible to sail for leisure, with the exception of federated nautical sportsmen. Of course, the owners of boats will be able to inspect the boats and carry out maintenance and security tasks in the ports.

2. In phase 1, recreational navigation can be carried out, although respecting the personal limitations provided in this phase, such as residing in the same municipality where the boat is and adopting disinfection, sanitary and hygiene measures.

3. In phase 2, recreational boating can be enjoyed, as in phase I, but without the limitation of residing in the same municipality, but in the same province.

4. In phase 3, recreational nautical activities are authorized, with no other limitations than those of a general nature, such as those of a geographical nature and the adoption of general preventive measures.

Explanatory note published by the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy

Visual timeline


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