We take care of your boat during the winter so that you can enjoy it during the summer

At Nàutica Casas we offer you a full and personalized wintering service with the attention you deserves. We take care of everything as we want you not to worry about anything.


The first step is to make a sea test of the boat wherever it is, to detect any anomaly.


Once we have beached, we move it to our modern facilities located in Llagostera to do the first maintenance tasks: clean the hull and drives with water, complete desalination and clean of the decks, upholstery and canvas. We also run the engine with fresh water to remove salt from cavities and check the accessories. Finally, we protect the engine and block with a water solution and anti-freeze. And it's ready to winter!



During the winter months, the boat will rest in our facilities: more than 9,000 sqm equipped with all security measures. This period is ideal for carrying out complementary tasks such as the installation of accessories, the renovation of upholstery and canvas or any other type of improvement you want to do to your boat.


When the summer season arrives, the engine and accessories are checked again, the hull is painted with antifouling for maximum protection and the boat is completely washed again.

Once in the water, our professionals carry out a final sea trial to guarantee optimal performance. And you will be able to start enjoying a new sailing season with all the guarantees.