In order to offer the best possible yaching service to our clients, Nautica Casas currently opperate from two sites: Platja d’Aro dealing primarily with commercial and administrave activities; and Llagostera where we our activities are centred around after-sales and servicing and storage activities.


Platja d'Aro


Our main site is located in Platja d’Aro. Opened oficially in 1998 it houses some of the most modern services available in the area – 1000m2 of the 5000m2 site is dedicated to showrooms able to take vessels of upto 15m in length.


This site also houses our commercial and administrative offices together with a spare parts department, warehouse and shop where our clients will find a wide variety of spares and accesories on offer.

Besides this, the Platja site also has an efficient workshop able to offer a rapid service to any port in the area. This workshop, while focused mainly on minor interventions is also equiped with a 10T traveling lift for larger tasks when required.



The site in Llagostera currently cover 9000m2 and deals primarily with mechanical maintanance, repair, after-sales services, winter storage and refit.


Aproxametly half of this area has been asigned to the storage of upto 250 vessels of upto 15m length. These storage areas are served by two elevating platforms (3 and 8T) and a 16T traveling lift.

The 900m2 of climatised workshop is equiped with modern technology and all the mechanical resources necessary to overcome the problems presented by any repair of failure: testing benches, computerised diagnostics, welding, grinding/ polishing facilities, lathes and milling machines etc.
Additionally we also operate a small workshop for tasks in stainless steel which, being dependent upon ourselves alone, allows us to operate more efficiently with this material.

Clearing, painting and maintanance tasks are carried out in the service bays of a purpose built 3000m2 patio – each bay equiped with water, compressed air and an electrical hook-up.

While promoting leasure nautical activities, at Nautica Casas we also place environmental sensitivity high on our list of values and have therfore adapted all our installations and practices as per the DQB safety and recycling guidelines – certification of the environmental management system which we obtained and have upheld since 2006.